Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Holy Alphabet

I received this alphabet by email today and wanted to share it with you. Thanks to Charlotte and Ginger for hosting Spiritual Sundays weekly. Go here for lots more inspiration.

The Holy Alphabet

A lthough things are not perfect
B ecause of trial or pain
C ontinue in thanksgiving
D o not begin to blame
E ven when the times are hard
F ierce winds are bound to blow
G od is forever able
H old on to what you know
I magine life without His love
J oy would cease to be
K eep thanking Him for all the things
L ove imparts to thee
M ove out of "Camp Complaining"
N o weapon that is known
O n earth can yield the power
P raise can do alone
Q uit looking at the future
R edeem the time at hand
S tart every day with worship
T o "thank" is a command
U ntil we see Him coming
V ictorious in the sky
W e'll run the race with gratitude
X alting God most high
Y es, there'll be good times and yes some will be bad, but...
Z ion waits in glory...where none are ever sad!

"I AM Too blessed to be stressed!" The shortest distance between a
problem and a solution is the distance between your knees and the

The one who kneels to the Lord can stand up to anything. Love
and peace be with you forever, Amen.

We are especially thankful today for answered prayer about the heart catheterization my husband had yesterday at Mayo Clinic (Jacksonville, FL) He didn't need to have any stints and the doctors said his problem could be "fixed" with medication. He is home now! We've been praying and our pastor anointed him with oil a few weeks ago.

Praise the Lord!! Thank you Lord for answered prayer!! Thank you for being there with us!



Denise said...

Praise God for watching over your dear husband.

LeAnn * ~ See Great Things said...

I love this alphabet!!! Glad to hear of the good new about your husband. The Lord is good!

Gayle said...

A great post, Katherine. Loved the alphabet. I'll borrow that, I'm sure.


Charlotte said...

Very good. I'm glad you shared it with us.
BTW Clif said he couldn't figure out how to comment here. I ran the mouse over where I thought the comment thing might be and found it. Probably other people have not found it either. Wonder why it is invisible?
Have a great day.

Charlotte said...

Now after I posted the comment and came back it is no longer invisible. I see it in white. ???

Cathy said...

I love that alphabet, Katherine, and I'm glad your husband got a good report. Blessings ~

bp said...

I enjoyed this alphabet prayer.

Hope you have a good week. God bless,


I enjoyed looking over your blog
Great blog title
God Bless you