Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Tribute

I would like to share my Mother's Day Tribute with you. Click here to see it on my other blog:

I wasn't raised by devout church going parents, but they were good people. They owned a restaurant and were hard working people. They tried to take us to church a while when we were small, but we were only dropped off to Sunday school. We didn't pray together as a family, or before meals, etc. I did feel loved by my parents, grandparents and all the family, even though most of the families didn't attend church regularly, or at all.

The Lord had His hand on me from the beginning. I remember vividly as a child walking down the lane at my grandparents house and looking up to the sky to see a cloud in the shape of Jesus' face! During high school I always had the right kind of friends, who were good kids. Some of them went to church regularly and they invited me to go with them. Eventually I went each Sunday with my best girlfriend. I always seemed to make the right choices and decisions. I know the Lord blessed me with all this. I married in a church and always took my children to church regularly and would read them bible stories each night and say prayers with them. Today they are fine Christians, married to Christian men and have raised their children to be Christians, putting Jesus first.

I did get to see my parents become church going Christians in their latter years and I know they are in Heaven and I will see them again someday! Praise the Lord for eternal life!

Thank you for reading this, if you are still with me and want to see the Tribute I did for my mother, click here:

I'm linking to Charlotte's Spiritual Sundays, thanks to her for hosting! Click on her name for more inspiration. 

Happy Mother's Day!


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