Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fasting. Replies to questions, comments, etc.

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I really do appreciate you leaving comments. A few of you are asking questions in your comments. Since some people don’t go back to the comments (I’ve been guilty of this on other blogs) I will attempt to answer the questions here.

From Kate: “I think it's good to pray! I'm wondering; however, if a certain candidate doesn't win, does that mean that God didn't answer our prayers; that He said no? Or does it mean that we didn't ask according to His Will? Or could it mean that a different candidate was indeed "God's man"?

Kate, I honestly don’t know the answer to this question. I do believe God answers all prayers, but not always the way we want. I feel like His Will would be to have a “person of righteousness” leading our country. Someone who has Christian standards and uses them as our country was founded on. On the other hand, is God angry with this country for allowing abortions, etc. Will we have to suffer because of this?? Is there a plan that was already established in the Heavens that has to do with “end times and tribulation” that includes having an unrighteous leader who allows things not of God?? (This is the scary part, if it were to be true.) This is why I feel we need the numbers in praying for a righteous leader. Do numbers help to convince God that we truly want a Godly country? I want to believe so. When I think of all the different Christian denominations who are standing together in one accord, who have the faith and are believing together for this answer, I can’t help but believe, yes, God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit hear us and will answer us!! Praise God, for His mercy, on us!

Sr. Lorraine: “Yes, I am happy to join you all in prayer. I too feel impelled by the Spirit to pray and intercede for the good outcome of this election. I feel confident that God will show his power. It is in precisely such situations as these that God loves to act. The Obama side has tons of money and the mainstream media on its side. The McCain/Palin camp is, humanly speaking, on the short end of the stick. But when McCain wins, it will be all the more evident that God is the one who moves hearts to vote for life.”

Sister Lorraine, it is wonderful that you are joining us in this prayer. Someone who devotes their life in prayer and sacrifice is a real asset to any prayer group!! Yes, the Obama side has tons of money and the liberal media, but McCain’s side has the power of prayer!!! And it will be a great witness (and lesson) for the liberals see there is a God, who honors the prayers of His Children!

Clif – I’m also so happy to see you join us here on Power of Prayer! It’s great to have a man among us, and especially a Man of God! I’m sure you can “tell us a thing or two” with advice and encouragement! I welcome your wisdom as a retired minister. Please share with us often!

Maree: “We are going on a trolley ride today to help a local Republican, Ann Northup, get her seat in congress back...she served from 1997-2007. Had her seat taken away last year by a trust fund baby. Please pray for Ann!

Okay, everybody, please add Ann Northup to your prayer list! Let’s get her back in office. Maree, please let us know the outcome.

KJ: I finally got so tired of the media voting for me that I started making phone calls at the Republican Headquarters. Prayer power! I am even planning to fast. If we will employ our spiritual weapons, we will see God move. This is no time to go to sleep, that's for sure. KJ”

KJ, this is a good thing that we should all consider. What can we do? Of course praying is the most important thing to do, but we can also add volunteering as an activity (but only if it doesn’t take away from having time to pray.) I’m thinking I would do something like that now that I’ve gotten so interested in politics (I never was before.) I have also made a promise that I am going to continue praying for the people in office. I regret that I haven’t given George W. Bush the prayer support he needed. Yes! “Employ our spiritual weapons!!” It is a spiritual battle, and the Lord needs our voices!”

Maree: We are getting a good response from Team Sarah, do you have some ideas about how to fast you could post here? Several have mentioned they have never fasted before but are opened to it.

Maree, I am not very good at fasting, I sometimes feel sick when I don’t eat, especially in the mornings (don’t know if it is low blood sugar, or what, I have always been like this.)
I have no formal training, nor have I even read any books of instruction on fasting. To me fasting is making a sacrifice, giving up something that I really like and enjoy, as a sacrifice to the Lord.
Fasting should be done with much prayer. First I pray whether I should fast, then I pray for strength to fast and keep it up. I have fasted different ways at different times. Sometimes I fast with liquids, and no solid foods – water, juice, tea (unsweetened,) broth, etc. (not something you love, since this is a sacrifice! If you love meat, you could give that up for a day or so. Once I fasted with just white rice, three times a day, nothing else. If you love ice cream, candy, or cookies and have that daily, giving them up for a day or two might be a good fast! Breaking any routine could be a good sacrifice! Recently I have thought about fasting with giving up something I really love, such as a TV program, a shopping trip, or purchase, etc. This might seem foolish to some, and I don’t know if the Lord honors these, but to some it could be a sacrifice! So if you love “Dancing With the Stars” on TV that might be a good thing to give up Monday and Tuesday nights! ;-) Or any other favorite tv show or entertainment.
Another thought -- The bible does tell us not to complain or brag about fasting, to keep it a "secret!"

If anyone else has something to add to this list, please do so! Just remember it should be something hard to do, not easy. Don’t give up spinach if you hate it!! Sister Lorraine, maybe you can help us with suggestions on fasting. Clif, you may also want to add some word of wisdom for us on this subject!

I haven’t replied to everybody’s questions and comments, if you have one you want discussed, please let us know.

Thank you all so very much! God Bless!


ginger at enchanting cottage said...

I feel that God will answer all of our prayers on this matter, but also God does not always answer our prayers the way we want him to.I know that God see's the bigger picture and I need to trust him in this decision. I have been praying that if for some reason John McCain does not win I need to find it in my heart to realize God has a plan and only he understands that plan.
God Bless,

char72 said...

I totally agree with your answer to Kate about God's answering prayer. I am torn between asking God to give America the president that I think we need for the good of our country and wondering if our getting farther and farther away from God's principles as a nation is part of the end-time plan and maybe God is letting it happen. It seems to me like we are getting closer and closer to a one world government. With the banking crisis I think it altogether possible that one world currency is not too far away and this is prophesied for the end times. I am alternating between praying that God intervene in the election making sure that McCain is elected, and just telling God to do what he knows is best. Of course, it's a laugh to think that I can "tell" him anything. But he knows what I mean.
Thanks for providing this Q & A section. I think it is helpful.

Alice said...

I can't fast because of health reasons but I've given up TV ever since Obama's infomercial last week. I almost caved last night because of my favorite PBS shows but I tried to remember why I was doing this and I held strong.

I do believe God listens to our prayers for this country. I do believe Senator McCain will win the election. Now is not the time for doubts.

Clif said...

WOW!I'm impressed with the depth of knowledge and even wisdom expressed in the comments on this important subject. I don't really have anything different to add. We all just need to keep on keeping on with faith and trust in God.