Monday, October 27, 2008

Prayer Suggestions

Again I'm borrowing an exerpt from another like-minded blogger. This is from Susan, Penless Writer, go there to read the whole post, it is really good. Below are suggestions of how to pray about the election, and the conservative party. I have posted her link on my side bar, she will be posting something about the election daily this coming week.



"Here are some practical suggestions to consider:

1) Fast (a meal a day; a day a week; a Daniel fast; 3 days; 10 days; TV; etc.) and spend the time praying.

2) Agree in prayer with someone everyday for God's will to be done.

3) Form/participate in prayer groups regularly. Churches could pray everyday.

4) Take time in every gathering to pray. (Take 15 minutes in every service to pray for the elections. Turn an entire service to harp and bowl style intercession-worship and prayer combined.)

5) Join 2 or more on a conference call and pray for 15, 20, or 30 minutes.

6) Pray on the way to work (and on the way home).

7) Pray before you go to sleep.

8) Pray before church services.

9) Ask God to give you His strategy-He will!

In His grip,

Dutch Sheets Senior Pastor,

Freedom Church, Colorado Springs"


char72 said...

I got an e-mail a few minutes ago about how God interveined in the elections in India because of Christians praying. I posted it on my At Home in Scottsdale blog. You may have gotten the same e-mail. If not you might want to check it out on my blog.

Lipstick Republican said...

Interceding today for the heart and mind of our nation.