Friday, October 31, 2008

Daniel 9:3-19

We don’t have many children in our neighborhood and haven’t had any Trick or Treaters for several years now. Tonight we were invited to a concert given by the U.S. Navy Band (Washington, D.C.) We enjoyed it so much, especially the patriotic music. I was breathing election prayers even during the music! Tomorrow we will be gone all day to a day-retreat our church sponsors. I hope to pray for the election in groups. The setting is on a river in Jacksonville, and the weather is very pleasant now, so I’m looking forward to all of this.

I’m posting this suggestion for praying and fasting on Monday before the election. I can’t remember if I received this as an email, or if I copied it from someone else. If you recognize it, let me know and I will give credit where it is due.

I have just read Daniel 9:3-19, and it can reflect what has happened in our country. Please read and meditate on it. And please pray about whether you should fast and pray on Monday, November 3rd. I plan to fast at least one meal each on Monday and Tuesday.
(The “I” in this is not me:)
"I am asking every believer in Jesus Christ to set aside Monday, November 3 as a day of fasting and prayer . I would urge you to review the prayer of Daniel on behalf of his people in Dan . 9:3-19, and to pray that way for our nation. And finally, I would ask you to distribute this call to prayer as widely as possible so that the greatest number of people would lay hold of the throne of grace all at once. It may be that God will show mercy to America , that He will shed His grace on her once again. Thank you for joining in this effort. " (The author of this is unknown to me, but it is a wonderful suggestion!)

Let me know what you think about the Daniel 9:3-19 scripture selection.


(I may not be online tomorrow)


Maree said...

Perfect! Daniel 9, is already highlighted in my bible!

Plus, we had planned to fast and pray monday.

We are going on a trolley ride today to help a local Republican, Ann Northup, get her seat in congress back...she served from 1997-2007. Had her seat taken away last year by a trust fund baby. Please pray for Ann!

I will post the bible verse and call to fast and pray monday on my blog and Team Sarah in 3 or 4 groups, or as many as I can.

Thanks and God bless you Katherine!

KJ said...

Wonderful word!!! I finally got so tired of the media voting for me that I started making phone calls at the Republican Headquarters.

Prayer power! I am even planning to fast. If we will employ our spiritual weapons, we will see God move. This is no time to go to sleep, that's for sure.


Anonymous said...